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A huge lagoon, 1.5 kilometers of trails surrounded by varied nature and a camping and picnic area await for you at Laguna Don Manuel. A must-see, definitely, the trip for your weekend.

How to get there by car? To get there you must take the Interamericana Sur highway, also known as the road to Perez Zeledon. You will have to turn at El Empalme gas station and drive approximately 8 kilometers. From the center of the province of Cartago, it lasts approximately 1 hour.
Waze direction: Click here to go to Waze.
Tickets cost: Children and older adults: ₡ 1,000 • Adults: ₡1,500. Cash only.
Schedule: From Tuesday to Sunday, from 07:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Even holidays.
Difficulty: Medium.
Accessibility: Suitable for all people.
Clothing: Comfortable clothes, shoes, coat or jacket. It is essential to use repellent and sunscreen.
Parking: In the established zone.
Is there a camping area? Yes, you can camp. • Cost: ₡2,500 per person. • Schedule: From Tuesday to Saturday before 06:00 p.m.
Are pets allowed? Yes, pets are allowed (small and with a leash).
Mobile phone reception: Kölbi ICE: ●●○○ | Claro: ●●○○○ | Movistar: ●○○○○
Contact: Click here to go to Facebook of the place.


There are no excuses for not knowing Costa Rica and less this attractive lagoon that we have visited. We can assure you that the road that leads to the place is in perfect condition, there is a tract of approximately 800 meters of ballast road from the entrance to the picnic area of the lagoon, but a 4×4 vehicle is not necessary.

If you go by car you can park near the picnic area, there are several tables where you can place your food, eat and enjoy the atmosphere full of relaxation and greenery. See part of this area in the 00:01:20 minute of our video.

The ranches have grills, so you can cook there or else you can carry a small gas template and enjoy your food. The place has a large camping area where you can spend the night, there are restrooms and sanitary services.

You must book an entire day for this destination, as the tranquility and beauty is captivating. That was our case.

The trails around the lagoon are breathtaking, through them you can see with amplitude all the parts of the lagoon and enjoy the varied nature. There are certain flat areas where you can place a sheet and lie down to enjoy the surroundings. Keep your camera ready, we assure you that you will want to take a photograph of everything.

You can not forget to take to this destination sunscreen and repellent, mainly in the picnic area, because there are a lot of mosquitoes in certain seasons of the year. Also, do not forget to wear comfortable shoes to take the journey through the trails, and a coat because, being near to Cerro de La Muerte, is a cold zone.

We don’t have enough words to describe the serenity, tranquility and beauty that this place contains. The whole trip is impressive, from your journey to observe the different landscapes and wide green terrain of this area of Cartago, to reach the lagoon and enjoy the peacefulness of the place, invaded by the sound of birds and the whisper of the wind going through the trees.

In resume, it is a recommended destination to recharge batteries and enjoy with loved ones a beautiful picnic and a gentle walk around a large lagoon.

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Until next time travelers. PURA VIDA. ✌🏻

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