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A beautiful lagoon, trails, forest, playground with swings and slides, and soccer and basketball fields; await you at Laguna Fraijanes Recreational Park, an ideal destination to share with family or friends, during your weekend.

How to get there by car? San Isidro de Alajuela, 12 kilometers to the north, by the road that leads to the Poás Volcano National Park.
How to get there by bus? In San José, you should go to the bus terminal to the province of Alajuela, TUASA (north side of La Merced Park, Av. 2, C. 12). When you reach the center of the province, you will have to go to the Pacific Bus Station (3 blocks west of the Central Market) and board the Fraijanes or Jaulares bus. You should stop in front of the park, you will be able to identify it by its label located to the left.
Waze direction: Click here to go to Waze.
Tickets cost: ₡1.000 in general (residents and foreigners, over 12 years old) • Older adults do not pay. Cash only.
Schedule: From Tuesday to Sunday, from 9:00 a.m. at 4:00 p.m.
Difficulty: None.
Accessibility: Suitable for all people.
Clothing: Comfortable clothing and footwear, umbrella or raincoat, sunscreen and repellent.
Parking: ₡1.000, all types of vehicles.
Is there a camping area? Yes, you can camp. • Price: ₡500, additional to the cost of general admission.
Are pets allowed? Yes, pets are allowed.
Mobile phone reception: Kölbi ICE: ●○○○ | Claro: ●●○○○ | Movistar: ●●○○○
Contact: Phone +506 2482-2166 • Click here to go to Facebook of the place.


We went to another lagoon (see also Laguna Don Manuel), the relaxation and inspiration that the water and the nature gives us is impressive. The place is extremely familiar and super recommended to get away from the routine and surround yourself by nature.

The road leading to the park is paved and in perfect condition. Along the way, you can observe the great coffee activity of the area, with extensive land cultivated with this valuable and appreciated fruit, take your camera with you and keep it ready.

The security of the park is very good, from the care of the vehicles in the parking lot, to the different routes of the park. There are several little ranches where you can do your picnic, but you must arrive early to be able to opt for one; however, in the recreation area there are ample green areas where you can do it.

There is a small forest of pine trees where you must go, the great height of these trees is impressive and you can see how the light passes through its leaves, you will have to take a picture there. For all the tours there are benches where you can sit and enjoy nature, the sound of birds, relax and recharge energies. You can make the tour through the forest and the lagoon in less than an hour with trails extremely smooth and without any difficulty.

The perimeter of the lagoon can be traveled by a person with a wheelchair without any problem. However, the paths that lead to the forest are not suitable, due to the existing steps in the path and the type of terrain.

The place lends itself enough to make different photos, thanks to its various scenarios. In relation with the weather, you should bring an umbrella.

It is important to say that, outside the installations, at weekends, there is a gentleman who sells some delicious peanut cakes, we recommend them. When we leave the place we take the route to the Poas Volcano, on the way along the road there are small kiosks where you can buy fresh strawberries and the traditional Prestiños, in case you want to take something to eat back home.

In resume, there are many activities to do here, from walking the trails around the lagoon, exploring the forest, enjoying a delicious picnic or simply placing a sheet on the ground near a tree, lie down and enjoy a good book. We come out of the place relaxed and we would love you to feel that kind of serenity and connection with nature as it happened to us. Give yourself time, get out and travel.

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