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With over 11 hectares, around 3,000 species of plants and various types of birds, the Lankester Botanical Garden will captivate you and will fill you with serenity. Enjoy its fascinating tours and surround yourself with nature and the inspiring sounds of birds.

How to get there by car?  From the Plycem factory, 400 meters south and 100 meters west, on Kilometer 4, on the Road from Cartargo to Paraíso. The road that leads to the entrance to the Garden, is located 2 kilometers before reaching Paraíso.
How to get there by bus? If your departure is from San Jose, you must board the bus to Cartago in the terminal of the company Lumaca. When you reach the center of the Province, the next bus is to Paraíso, your stop is on the east side of La Iglesia de los Padres Capuchinos (avenue 3), you must make your stop in the road that leads to the entrance to the Garden, that is on the right, and walk about 1 kilometer.
Waze direction: Click here to go to Waze.
Tickets cost: Residents: ₡2,500 (from 6 years) and ₡1,500 (students and seniors) • Foreigners: $10.00 (from 6 years) and $7.50 (students and children under 5). Cash only.
Schedule: Every day from 8:30 a.m. at 4:30 p.m. Even holidays.
Difficulty: None.
Accessibility: Suitable for everyone.
Clothing: Comfortable clothing and shoes.
Parking: They have a park area but there is also space on the road.
Text. No, you cannot camp.
Are pets allowed? No, you cannot bring pets.
Contact Tel. +506 2511-7949 • Web Site: • Click here to go to Facebook of the place.


On this occasion we present you an excellent place for those people who love plants or for those who wish to get out of the routine and surround themselves with the fresh greenery in an immense garden. Here you will find one of the largest collections of orchids in Central America, ferns, bromeliads, palm trees, zingiberales, cactus, and succulents.

The highway that leads to the entrance of the Garden, is the main road that connects the center of Catargo with Paraíso, and is in perfect condition for all types of vehicles. If you go by car and the parking lot is full, you can leave it on the road to the care of the caretaker.

When you start the tours, following the main path, you will encounter an incredible Japanese-style garden (you can see it in the second 00:00:45 of our video), with rustic houses and wide green areas around some lagoons where you can do a picnic. You cannot leave the opportunity to take some pictures here, the serenity is incredible. It is important to note that the whole place has cement trails making it ideal for people who use a wheelchair.

Following the trails, you will enter the Secondary Forest, which is one of the few areas recovered in the urban area of the Central Valley of Costa Rica. Later, you will find the different collections of plants, we advise you to have your camera ready so that you can photograph its different colors and shapes.

The main area is the orchid greenhouse (you will see it in the minute 00:02:05), with approximately 18,000 plants belonging to a great variety of species originated in different parts of the world.

The Garden has indoor dining area and a souvenir shop where you can purchase hand made items that are very representative of Costa Rica and its biodiversity.

In short, an amazing place, surrounded by nature and wonderful plants, beautiful gardens and green areas, perfect to share with loved ones, enjoy the environment and renew energies.

We thank Keylin Ramirez, our companion for this weekend.

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