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A small natural paradise is hidden just 16 kilometers away from the capital. The Parque Ambiental Río Loro awaits us full of fresh air, abundant vegetation and birds with their inspiring songs.

How to get there by car? On the road to Cartago, in Alto de Ochomogo, 2 kilometers northeast of the RECOPE campus.
Waze direction: Click here to go to Waze.
Tickets cost: Residents: ₡1,000 (adults), ₡300 (children and seniors) and ₡200 (students with a card from the institution). • Foreign: $4 (adults) and $2 (children). Cash only.
Schedule: From Wednesday to Sunday, from 8:00 a.m. at 3:00 p.m.
Difficulty: None.
Accessibility: Suitable for everyone.
Clothing: Comfortable clothing and footwear, umbrella or raincoat, sunscreen and repellent.
Parking: In the established zone.
Is there a camping area? No, you cannot camp.
Are pets allowed? No, pets are not allowed.
Mobile phone reception: Kölbi ICE: ●○○○ | Claro: ●○○○○ | Movistar: ●○○○○
Contact: Phone +506 2537-1200 • Web site: http://www.muni-carta.go.cr • Click here to go to Facebook of the place.


It is incredible that, a few kilometers away from the city, you can find as much natural beauty as there is in the Loro Water Springs Park. We have passed the highway millions of times and we never thought that, literally, crossing the street was this amazing place with fresh air, an endless number of birds singing for you, and much freshness.

This is a land of 13 hectares of secondary forest where much of the water that supplies several communities of the province of Cartago springs. Its production is approximately 60 liters of water per second.

This is a recommended destination to be in direct contact with nature, since through its 6 trails you can cross the forest and observe its varied vegetation with trees reaching up to a height of 60 meters. Its paths are very friendly and suitable for anyone, without any difficulty.

The trails are practically flat, so there is no difficulty and can be traveled in approximately 45 minutes. Take into account that, in the rainy season, you have to be careful with the trails because they can get quite slippery, so it is important to wear comfortable and suitable footwear for this type of place.

Among the fauna that is inside the forest are the snakes like the “Lora”, Boa, Bécquer, Coral, and others; raccoons, coyotes, sloths, and a butterfly house with more than 7 species and approximately 200 types of birds.

The park is perfect for a family day out as it has a recreation area with a small soccer and basketball field and a playground for children under 12 years old (sometimes we break the rules, watch the 00:00:50 second), with swings and slides.

Carry your food and share a pleasant time, there are several little ranches where you can make a comfortable and pleasant picnic.

We remain without excuses to justify not knowing Costa Rica. A small country where, in a matter of minutes, we can move from being in the city and going to the mountains or to the beach.

We thank Melissa Chavarría and Yenedith Guzmán for their important company and help.

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