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Cartago, the old metropolis. One of the 7 provinces of Costa Rica that brings great beauty with its flora and fauna to the country. We present you 5 destinations within this province, which you cannot miss. Each one will provide you with everything necessary to recover your energy and get you out of the routine.

Let yourself be captivated by the beauty of Costa Rica. Your moment is now, go out and travel.

1.  Prusia Sector, Irazú Volcano National Park

If hiking is your thing, here you have 16 kilometers to go and enjoy the cool climate of Costa Rica, ideal to disconnect from the city in the middle of its mountain environment, vegetation with its impressive greenery, and a damp and fresh weather in the Irazú Volcano National Park, Prusia Sector. Reed more…

2.  Craters Sector, Irazú Volcano National Park

Welcome to the highest volcano in Costa Rica! Just 21 kilometers from Prussia, our first destination, is located the Crater Sector of the Irazú Volcano National Park. Reed more…

3.  Lankester Botanical Garden

With over 11 hectares, around 3,000 species of plants and various types of birds, the Lankester Botanical Garden will captivate you and will fill you with serenity. Enjoy its fascinating tours and surround yourself with nature and the inspiring sounds of birds. Reed more…

4.  Laguna Don Manuel

A huge lagoon, 1.5 kilometers of trails surrounded by varied nature and a camping and picnic area await for you at Laguna Don Manuel. A must-see, definitely, the trip for your weekend. Reed more…

5.  Loro River Municipal Environmental Park

A small natural paradise is hidden just 16 kilometers away from the capital. The Parque Ambiental Río Loro awaits us full of fresh air, abundant vegetation and birds with their inspiring songs. Reed more…

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